The Best Italian Souvenirs to Bring Back Home

It’s springtime, and if you’re like me, you may be heading to Italy soon. Perhaps you’re joining me on one of our culinary adventures, and if so, you may be asking yourself what Italian souvenirs you should bring back home from your trip. We’ve already compiled a nice list of foodie items allowed back. In this post, we will focus on non-food items worth their weight in your luggage, or the shipping costs.

As you know, Italy is a country famous worldwide for its incredible natural beauty. Traveling from north to south along the peninsula always gives travelers unforgettable emotions and memories. And Italy is also a country famous for its craftsmanship. Therefore, purchasing Italian souvenirs that can bring us back to those enchanted places is inevitable. Let’s review what Italian souvenirs you should consider purchasing on your next trip to Italy.

Murano Glass

Handcrafted Murano glass products combines luxury and design. Heirs of a tradition that winds through the centuries, the artisans of this type of work have become the economic pillars of this village. Their artifacts are exported all over the world and appreciated for their uniqueness. This particular glass processing gives the objects an artistic connotation unique only to this area. You can find extravagant souvenir such as chandeliers, large vases, bottles, and drinking glasses, but even smaller objects are enough to mentally bring you back when looking at them.

Murano glass makes the perfect Italian souvenir.
From large, expensive pieces, to smaller trinkets like these glass candies, you’re sure to find something beautiful in Murano. Picture by: Mammoth.

Venetian Masks

Venetian masks are the true symbol of Venice, and their manufacturing dates back to ancient times. Linked in particular to the famous Venice Carnival, they are today highly sought-after Italian souvenirs. Truly authentic masks are created by specialized shopkeepers who work with papier-mâché, sequins, feathers, rhinestones, and embroidery, then painted with all kinds of colors. Sometimes, they are also made of plaster, leather, and ceramic. Obviously, they are souvenirs to take home and hang on the walls. Given their weight, they would not be comfortable to wear at all!

Italian souvenirs in Venice include masks.
Masks in Venice are everywhere. Some are mass produced in China, so be sure to purchase an authentic, handmade in Italy one for a truly authentic souvenir. Picture by: Andras Santos.

Masks from Calabria

Like Venice, Calabria also has its masks. Despite their grotesque and disturbing appearance, these ceramic and terracotta masks are placed inside homes or on the roofs of houses as a symbol of good luck. Tourists choose the scariest ones, ensuring a favorable future by purchasing these souvenirs.

Masks from Calabria to ward off evil spirits.
Masks from Calabria may not be as stunning as the Venetian ones, but they are said to protect your home and bring about good luck, so pick one up if you’re visiting Calabria this year. Picture by: Aurelio Candido.

Sicilian Pupi

The Sicilian Pupi are the typical puppets that animated the so-called “Puppet Opera,” a form of theater rooted in the 18th century. Developed in Rome and Naples, but especially in Sicily, this representation brought epic wars and chivalric plots to the stage. The puppets are built with a wooden structure on which fine metal and fabric decorations are applied. If you are traveling to Sicily on our Sicilian culinary adventure, it will be easy to find them in the numerous artisan shops located in Ortigia, and other the Sicilian cities. A typical Italian souvenir to take home for sure!

Sicilian pupi make a great Italian souvenirs.
Traditional sicilian puppets, or pupi, make a very unique gift to take back home! Picture by: Photogilio.

Neapolitan Coral Horn

The Neapolitan coral horn is the classic Neapolitan lucky charm. Its history is very ancient, dating back to prehistory when the first men used to hang animal horns at the entrance to the cave as a symbol of power and fertility. In Naples and its surroundings, you will easily find hundreds of shops that produce lucky horns. The coral ones are the most sought-after, but you will also find many others in gold, silver, and plastic. Nothing says “I’ve been to Italy” like one of these Italian souvenirs.

The horn is a typical souvenir from Naples.
Lucky red horns, typical of the Neapolitan tradition, are surely to make the perfect gift, for yourself or to bring back home to friends. Picture by: Alessandro Tortova.

Tuscan Leather

The great mastery of Tuscany’s artisans in leatherwork is something known to everyone, especially to the millions of tourists who visit this splendid region every year, particularly Florence and its wonders. For a classy, elegant, and practical Italian gift, consider an extraordinary item made from Tuscan leather goods. Items include gifts such as these lovely gloves, but also jackets, wallets, belts, and even leather journals.

Leather from Tuscany makes the perfect Italian souvenir.
Fashion leather gloves, wallets, jackets, oh my! What leather souvenir will you bring back from Tuscany? Picture by: Franticoo.

Lecce Stone

Souvenirs made of Lecce stone are the genuine pride of the Salento capital. The artisans of Lecce compete to see who creates the most beautiful and original objects. Typical of Lecce, the stone here has been the most used construction material for centuries to build churches and palaces. Today, it is mostly used to create jewelry, lamps, table clocks, and various other objects. In the alleys of Lecce and throughout the province, there are hundreds of small artisan shops where you will surely find the souvenir you can take home.

Stone from Lecce in Puglia makes the perfect souvenir.
If you visit Lecce, you are sure to note the amazing stone architecture everywhere. Bring a piece home from your next trip. Picture by: Svadore.

Raffia from Ishia

Although raffia is imported from Madagascar, it is in Ischia that artisans have found a way to make it famous worldwide. Since ancient times, the women of the island have refined the art of weaving, creating hats, baskets, and splendid straw fans. With the arrival of raffia, this art became one of the symbols of Ischia. Walking along the streets of Lacco Ameno and Forio, you will find dozens of small artisan shops selling all kinds of items created with raffia. The hats, above all, are an excellent souvenir to take home!

Ischia raffia makes the perfect gift.
A beautiful raffia bread basked from artisan Monti Artigianato in Ischia. Picture by Monti Artigianato.

Sicilian Majolica

Thanks to the skilled hands of the island’s artisans, Sicilian majolica has become a cult item worldwide. Made of ceramic, the most sought-after are the handcrafted ones. The entire manufacturing process, from the extraction of materials to processing, is carried out strictly by hand. The most prestigious centers for ceramics production reside in Sciacca and Caltagirone, but you will have no difficulty finding them throughout the Sicilian territory. The tiles are particularly famous, painted with characteristic ocher and blue colors. Be sure to bring some back from our Sicilian culinary adventure!

Tile from Sicily.
This is a beautiful view in Caltagirone, in its famous staircase. You can pick up small tiles in many shops all over Sicily. Picture by: Siculodoc.

Tuscan Terracotta

Terracotta processing is an ancient art that survives in Tuscany thanks to the mastery of local artisans and shopkeepers. Thanks to the clay-rich soil, this region has established itself as the best place to buy terracotta artefacts over the years. You can choose from dozens of souvenirs! Vases, objects, and magnets are displayed in all the main artisan workshops. And don’t forget the typical piggy bank, to be smashed once filled!

Terracotta pots from Tuscany.
Tuscan terracotta pots are plentiful in this shop near Pienza. Picture by: Wjarek.

Cucu’s from Matera

A way to chase away evil spirits, but also a symbol of fertility, you cannot leave Matera without purchasing this clay whistle in the shape of a chicken, handmade and very colorful, as taught by the best tradition of Basilicata. As unique as Italian souvenirs go, this cute little chicken won’t weigh much in your suitcase!

Colorful little Cucu’s from Matera make the perfect unique souvenir to bring back home. Picture by:

Hand-Painted Ceramics from Amalfi

Perhaps one of the most sought-after souvenir from the participants on our Amalfi Coast culinary adventure, hand-painted ceramics from Amalfi are a wonderful Italian souvenir to bring back home. Amalfi and its neighboring towns such as Positano, Vetri sul Mare, and Ravello are home to some of the best shops from all over Italy. Items range from tiny, hand-painted trinkets and magnets, to very large pieces such as chairs, benches, and even tables, which are obviously shipped home. Lemons are a typical theme, but you will also find products with other things painted on them.

You will have plenty of options for ceramics on the Amalfi Coast. Picture by: MNStudio.

Italian Gold

Gold always makes a great gift, for yourself or others, and 18K Italian gold is unmatched. With its rich color and unique designs, picking up a small piece of jewelry during your next trip is a must for the ultimate Italian souvenirs.

Decisions, decisions! Because gold is always a good idea! Whether for yourself or as a gift, Italian gold is the perfect gift! Picture by: Lisa Blu.

In Conclusion

You’re clearly not going to be short for Italian souvenirs during your next trip to Italy! Keep in mind that most shops will ship to the US, so what can’t fit in your suitcase can still make it home. Be sure to purchase authentic, made in Italy products, and not mass-produced, made in China items that don’t support the artisan who created them.


  • All lovely, especially when accompanied by wonderful memories! I still use a beautiful, hand-painted decorative wooden tray from Florence from a trip of almost thirty years ago. It holds several small cordial glasses to sip liqueurs (especially limoncello and amaretto) after dinner.


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