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Saturday February 3, 2024, 3:00PM EST

$25.00 for live class, recording and recipes

We're right in the thick of winter and what could be more appealing than a comforting baked dish of Sicilian Riso al Forno. Join me in my kitchen as we first prepare a delicious sauce from scratch, then continue on and prepare this delectable baked rice dish, just like they serve in Sicily.

Sicilian baked rice is a rustic and delicious first course typical of Sicilian home cooking. It's a sort of rice timbale, but easier to make! The cooked rice is first seasoned with tomato sauce flavored with ground meat and parsley, then placed on a baking tray together with the several key ingredients. It's then baked, where a gratin crust and an irresistible stringy heart are formed! This is an exquisite dish that the whole family will love!

Our private, hands-on cooking classes give remote teams and private groups the opportunity to connect and share a unique experience while trying something new together, all from the comforts of your kitchens!


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No matter what you’re planning, we’re here to serve you.

Step 1

Contact us to schedule your private class.

Step 2

Select the dishes you would like to prepare in class from a long list of options provided to you. We will then email you a shopping list one week prior to class!

Step 3

See you on Zoom the day of class!


$225 for up to 2 screens
$450 for 3 to 6 screens
$550 for 7 to 10 screens

For 11+ screens, please contact us for a quote.

"Tonight’s baking class with Francesca was the perfect mix of fun, food, and conversation! I was a bit nervous going into the class because I was substituting ingredients, it was on Zoom, and I didn't know what to expect. Francesca’s approach was relaxed and open; I was extremely comfortable asking questions. The online format was awesome and followed up by a recording of the session for a future review. The Baci di Dama cookies are DELICIOUS – my husband and I couldn’t resist tasting them. The quantity was perfect … our neighbors look forward to sharing a few cookies and the Ricotta & Marscapone Tart. Conversation between participants and Francesca flowed easily. I look forward to taking another class. Thank you!"

Lisa Gritti

"I was lucky enough to attend a cooking class with Francesca last Sunday and it was a fantastic experience. The cooking was leisurely with all the students taking part under Francesca's direction. When it was ready, Francesca's family joined us in a beautiful dining room to chow down. The prepared meal was delicious and the company even better! Plus, doggie bags! Highly recommended. GO!"

Karen Lee

"I've taken 2 of Francesca's cooking classes and they've been awesome. Both times I learned how to cook risotto so now I can cook it at home and for family. The second time I helped others since I had become an experienced risotto chef. She's knowledgeable and experienced, calm and clear in her instructions. She provides clear documents with the recipes which makes it easy to take it home and cook her wonderful recipes. Everything has been delicious!"

Karen Bloom

"I've been wanting to learn to make pizzelle for a very long time. They are so beautiful and fancy, yet light. I have always bought the store kind but I know the homemade ones are better. I took Francesca's baking class because I knew we would make these. With her instructions, I learned the proper method for making these delicious cookies. I'm so excited at how easy they were to make! While we learned to make four cookies in class, all which I will repeat at home, the pizzelle alone were worth it!"

Emily Casella

"I thoroughly enjoyed the “All About Pasta” class with Francesca Montillo. It was interactive, fun and easy. I have used the recipes since taking the class, and they are some of my favorites."

Cathie Buckley

"The classes were very well organized, the variety of recipes was excellent and the guidance/teaching was excellent. The classes were fun and enjoyable for all ages and experience levels. Both myself and my daughter enjoyed it very much."

Geraldine C.

"Francesca's cooking class was an expected delight. I have taken classes, but none so comfortable, delicious, and simple to repeat at home. I am a dedicated follower of Francesca and her true Italian everyday recipes that make me long for my ancestors and their love of family and home."

Anna M.

"Francesca taught simple yet delicious meals I have already cooked multiple times while offering knowledge and tips withheld by following recipes."

Catherine Chan

"The Italian cooking class was a fun way to spend time with my boyfriend, making delicious pasta dishes. We're avid cooks, but we still learned some new tricks and learned how to prepare an ingredient we hadn't cooked with before!"

Melanie Yarbrough

"Ciao! I've had the pleasure of attending 2 classes with Francesca. She knows her stuff. Her classes are fun and low key. She teaches simple recipes that enabled me to go home and cook Italian food. Having been to Italy twice and a student of Italian, that is amazing. One class was in her home, which gave us an opportunity to really learn how to make all the dishes and enjoy them together Italian style, with wine of course. I've used some of the skills she taught in other recipes. And now I make risotto, from scratch, stirring constantly. My family and my Thanksgiving celebration were very pleased with this new skill. Francesca has a simple cannoli recipe that I am looking forward to trying. I look forward to taking her Italian cooking tours to Italy in the coming years. Perfetto!"

Karen B.

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