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Welcome! Benvenuti!

My name is Francesca Montillo, the founder of Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures. I'm a native Italian who's made it my career to show you the time of your life in my native land! Join me on my next culinary adventure or book a private, custom trip with me. No matter what, I'm here to be your Chief Travel Planner and Escort. Allow me to ensure your needs are met every step of the way while you see, taste, and experience all the flavors of Italy.


Don't put off having
the time of your life
a day longer.

You deserve this,
I want you to join me here!

How to Know if You'll Love
Traveling with Us

Come Sapere se Ami Viaggiare Con Noi

You Love Food, Fun & Friends

Get ready to share food and break bread with strangers who will become dear friends and future travel buddies. Traveling with me is like traveling with your long-lost cousin who knows the ins and outs of Italy. I’ll tell you where to shop, where to eat, how to haggle for a discount at the market, and may suggest you don’t order that decaf cappuccino after lunch! Fun is always guaranteed!

Same Home Base for The Week

We're not into hotel hopping or cramming a bunch of to-dos every day. This is not a hop on/hop off tour - this is a culinary adventure. This means you only unpack and pack once, and spend the rest of your valuable time immersing yourself in the Italian culinary culture.

You Can Appreciate Our Travel Philosophy

Our aim is to engage you in regional and local Italian cuisine and culture. You’ll sample local products, meet local cooks and producers, and can appreciate family run establishments, local gems, small shops, and authenticity. You’ll savor every moment you’re traveling with us, both literally and figurately.

Everything was done in a relaxed manner and the hotel accommodations and restaurants were wonderful and not touristy. As a testament to how much we enjoyed our experience, we are signed up for Tuscany for October 2024! We can’t wait!...[Read More]

Judy and Mark Kozak

Bologna 2023, Amalfi 2023

Every adventure, every day, exceeded expectations! Everyone asks what was the best thing - and I say "Everything". We enjoyed our travel companions, cooking lessons, truffle hunting, olive oil producers, cheese making, gardens, cheeses, wine, vineyards and more wine....[Read More]

Cathy and Dave Washburn

Tuscany 2022

My husband and I have been to Italy several times, but going on a culinary tour with Francesca to the Tuscany Christmas Markets was an elevated experience. Every day revealed a new experience from truffle hunting in the dense woods to winery tours and tastings to a cooking class in the chef's home kitchen that looked like something straight out of an Italian rom-com...[Read More]

Nancy Weingartner Monroe and Dennis Monroe

Christmastime in Tuscany, 2023

We can not stop talking about our trip with our friends as we LOVED every minute. Visiting a new city every day was exciting. With Francesca's expertise, we were immersed in our new experiences, culinary cooking classes, tours, restaurants, shopping and culture. ...[Read More]

Cindy and Ron DiVincenzo

Amalfi, 2023

Thank you for putting together such a fantastic week!! Some of my favorite things were the great group we had, as well all the knowledge of all the tour guides!...[Read More]

Lynda Umbro

Bologna, 2018

Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures is simply the best, I have traveled with Francesca twice and both trips were fantastic, I would highly recommend you visit Italy with her!...[Read More]

Mike Avery

Sicily 2019, Amalfi 2022

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What to Pack for Italy

Cosa Mettere in Valigia per l'Italia

Everyone is always asking me what they should pack for Italy,
so I’ve created a quick reference guide that you can use for your next trip.

Hint: You don’t need nearly as much as you think you do!

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