"I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful time we had on our trip. Even though I had been to a couple of the cities before it was so much better this time. You did a wonderful job planning all the places we visited. The local guides were excellent, the drivers and vehicles were great and the restaurants were fantastic! I know you spend a great deal of time in putting a trip together and it’s very apparent. I would definitely love to take another trip with you."

Carol Douglas

Amalfi 2022, Christmastime in Tuscany 2023

"Thank you for putting together such a fantastic week!! Some of my favorite things were the great group we had, as well all the knowledge of all the tour guides!! They were terrific! My favorite city besides Bologna was Ravenna. Seeing those mosaics, incredible! Thanks for everything Francesca, You did a great job!!!"

Lynda Umbro

Bologna, 2018

"The group was diverse, and fun to spend the week with! Never having been part of a tour before, I was happy to explore Puglia with a group that fit together so well. The weather was spectacular, and the countryside beautiful. I look forward to exploring the south of Italy more in the future with Francesca. Thank you for putting it altogether."

Sally Langan

Puglia 2019, Christmastime in Tuscany 2023

"My sister and girlfriends really enjoyed our trip to Puglia with Francesca. Because of her knowledge of that region of Italy and her command of the language and her intimate connections with local wine and food enthusiasts, we learned so much. To book another trip to another region of Italy just got added to my bucket list."

Megan O’Block

Puglia, 2019

"Recently returned from a wonderful trip to the Puglia area with Francesca. Great trip, very well planned. It is a great advantage to be with someone who is so knowledgeable about the region. Look forward to participating in more trips with her."

Marilyn Gerson

Puglia 2019, Amalfi 2022

"What a wonderful trip! Everything was so well planned for us and everything went off beautifully! Great congenial group and hoping to keep in touch with everyone. Thanks for all you did in the planning that went off without a hitch. There has not been a day that I haven’t’ thought about our wonderful trip. Thank you again for all you did!"

Rita Caputo

Bologna, 2018

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